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Podcast episodes:

HRF 01 Welcome to Health Related Fitness
Brief overview of the origin of the podcasts, physical activity, exercise, and health related fitness [10:00].

HRF 02 Components of Health Related Fitness
5 components of health related fitness – cardiorespiratory endurance, muscular strength and endurance, flexibility, and optimal body composition [11:23].

HRF 03 American College of Sports Medicine Recommendations
Updated physical activity recommendations for adults from the American College of Sports Medicine and the American Heart Association [20:05].

HRF 04 Principles of Physical Conditioning and Training
Training principles applicable to developing a health related fitness program [14:19].

HRF 05 Readiness for Change
Stages of change model of health behavior change which can be used to understand our readiness for change [19:21].

HRF 06 Resistance to Exercise
Ecological approach to analyzing physical activity and exercise behavior patterns [20:00].

HRF 07 Intentional Development and Lifelong Physical Activity
Multi-theoretical approach to guide the adoption, maintenance, and adherence of lifelong physical activity [23:01].

HRF 08 Motivation and Self-Determined Behavior
Continuum of motivation levels with a focus on self-determined behavior [24:50].

HRF 09 Empowerment and Healthy Behavior
Factors influencing individual empowerment [22:00].

HRF 10 Authentic Happiness through Physical Activity
Positive Psychology and the relationship to physical activity [25:45].

HRF 11 The Bicycle Makes the Eyes Smile
Psychophysical well-being and the Italian concepts of sfogarsi (psychological release), stare bene (a sense of overall well-being), and reintegrare (to make whole again). [16:45].

HRF 12 Action Planning
Multiple goal strategies including the development of Process, Performance, and Outcome goals. [12:07].

Episodes 1-12 Music Credit: Feelin Good, Kevin MacLeod

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