This Web site was created to offer students supplementary education and information about health related fitness with an emphasis on the psychosocial aspects of physical activity and exercise. Framed in the context of researching influences on physical activity and actually working with individuals and groups seeking to initiate, increase, or maintain physical activity, the information presented on this Web site builds upon prior research completed in the fields of physical education, health promotion, and exercise sport psychology as well as practical professional experience. The target audience is Manhattan College students – specifically students in the School of Education (future primary and secondary educators) and Physical Education majors (students interested in becoming physical educators and exercise science/sports medicine specialists) as well as other campus-wide physically active and physically inactive individuals. Members of the greater community – locally, nationally, and internationally – who are interested in living a physically active lifestyle, are also encouraged to listen to the podcasts for educational and informational purposes.

About Dr. Cherubini

Dr. Jeff Cherubini is an Associate Professor in the Department of Physical Education and Human Performance at Manhattan College. Dr. Cherubini received his B.A. in Communications from Fordham University, his M.A. in Physical Education from San Diego State University, and his Ph.D. in Kinesiology from Temple University. At Temple University, Dr. Cherubini received his doctorate in exercise and sport psychology within the Psychology of Human Movement in the Behavioral Sciences area of the Department of Kinesiology. Most relevant to health related fitness, his current teaching, research, and applied work focus on health promotion and the psychosocial aspects of physical activity, exercise, and sport.


Material contained within this website, including podcast episodes, is intended for educational and informational purposes only and should not be regarded or interpreted as anything else, nor should it be construed as medical advice or instruction. This material is not intended as any kind of substitute for the advice or treatment of a physician. Consult with your physician before starting or making changes to any physical activity, exercise, health related fitness, or weight management program. If you choose not to do so, it is at your own risk. If you have any questions or concerns about your current level of physical fitness or health, please discuss them with your physician or qualified health care professional.

Grant Support

Support for this Web site was provided by a grant from The Office of The Executive Vice President and Provost, Manhattan College, Riverdale, New York.

Site Support

Site created and managed by Dr. Jeff Cherubini and Douglas Skrypa.

Artwork provided by Lynda Maldonado.

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